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Voices of Progress – our most ambitious enquiry yet

We are about to embark upon arguably our most ambitious enquiry yet: ‘Voices of Progress’, a project in which Tomorrow’s Company will ask vital questions about progress: what it looks like and how business can contribute. Over the coming months, therefore, we aim to interview hundreds of people, capturing the voices of both leaders and everyday people. We want to hear from a range of voices - and not necessarily those associated with business: investors and innovators; asset managers; students; human rights lawyers; activists; refugees; homeless people; social enterprises and large corporates; academics and artists; family businesses; politicians and global supply chains. We want to know what progress means: both for the organisations we work with and for, and for society at large. At Tomorrow’s Company, we believe that ideas of progress have changed dramatically over the last few years and that this fundamentally changes attitudes to capitalism, wealth creation and business’s role in society. By bringing these voices together, we will work with our partners and business leaders to build a framework for how businesses can truly listen to the voice of the stakeholder and be a force for good. Please get in touch and let us know what you think, either via Twitter or by adding a comment below. Perhaps you want to be a Voice of Progress, or know someone who might be of interest? Tell us – we want to hear from as many people as we can.

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