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Financial Inclusion Roundtable

As part of our work into financial inclusion in 2019 and 2020, Tomorrow's Company hosted a roundtable to create a space for discussion between business leaders and NGOs, and to gain insight to build and drive our investigation and subsequent research paths and actions. Thanks once again to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed a lively discussion and felt, as we did, that there is a pressing need to do more to address this vitally important agenda. In many ways this issue is defining the current political agenda with everyday people being concerned that not enough is happening to consider their anxieties about the way that the economy is moving. We believe that to achieve a real breakthrough, organisations will need to collaborate not only with each other but also with civic society to move beyond the piecemeal and to look at the practical concerns that impact peoples’ everyday lives. Business needs to be at the heart of the agenda, seen to be acting in unison and seen to be making a tangible difference if we are to regain trust. You can find more information about our discussion here. You can find out more about the financial inclusion project here

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